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Ella Glasgow is an award winning vocalist, well versed entertainer with a voice for positivity and confidence. She's appeared on stages around the world including television and radio.

Watch the video to see why audiences and venues love her and have her come back again and again.

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Influenced by the artists like Tina Turner, Celine Dion, Ella Fitzgerald and Chaka Khan. Those who've heard and seen Ella have said...

"She always BRINGS IT!"  Marion J Caffey,  Producer at Amatuer Apollo Night

"She really knows how to convey the heart of a song." Kaine Riggan, Nashville Stages

"Ella Glasgow in particular, makes an impact as tough girl Tequila..." Matthew J Palm, Orlando Sentinel Theatre Critic

"Her voice is like BUTTER!" Hollis Wilder, 2 Time Champion of The Foodnetwork's Cupcake Wars

"The fact that Ella Glasgow has perfect pitch not only allowed her to attempt the work of Ella Fitzgerald, but do it with amazing accuracy!" William Nash, Canadian Producer​​​​​​​

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Ella Glasgow always serves up a show that sure to delight any crowd with fun audience interaction, music and stories such as:

  • Feelin' Good - always one to put everyone in a good mood, this arrangement will have the crowd jumping.

  • How High The Moon - a twist on an old favorite and a tribute to her namesake, this song will leave the audience flabergasted as she scats her way through the melody.

  • "Back To Her Roots" - you may not know it on first glance, but Ella's a Southerner! Ella explains the hilarious discovery of her country roots

  • "Over The Rainbow" - a touching story of a precious memory of her birth mother that will remind the audience to keep dreaming.
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How Long Is The Show? Ella's full show is 60 minutes.  Some corporate clients request a 15-30 minute performance for their event. We're happy to tailor the show as needed.

Please use the form at the right to find out Mrs. Glasgow's availability and tell us about your upcoming event.